Weeping & Wizardry.

People. It doesn't take much magic to get me tear'n up! 
Throw me some DL or HP... & I'm all water-works.

This video... that childhood best friend Emily just showed me... no exception.

I don't care if you're fed up with all my harry potter & friends obsession - this compilation of clips is
My favorite part is how they used clips from the documentary that is on the bonus dvd from the sixth movie... HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED THAT!? ITS SO GOOD!! All about Ms. Rowling & her genius-ness  Seriously, go dig through your cabinet of DVD's ... pull it out ... & watch it. Right this second. I tried to convince my senior year AP Lit class to do so, pretty sure nobody followed my overly animated directions. 

p.s. if you watch this, will you PLEASE just leave me a comment, saying something to the effect of... "i agree." SO THAT I DON'T FEEL ALONE IN MY FIXATION!?


Erika Rae said...

COUSIN. BEST THING EVER. really though. love this so much. harry potter is the best thing ever.

this is your best HP post yet (:

Lisa said...

Love it! just found your blog and i definitely love it :)

lindsay ivie said...

first, i got the chills. then i started crying! so.GOOD.
and i am on my way to watch the documentary.
thank you thank you THANK YOU. this post is brilliant.

Megan said...

Love you! Love it!

Madi Rose said...

That was exceptional. I love every second of it. Ahhh.

ashley said...

loved this.