Aside from the fact that I am going through some serious disneyland withdrawals, hating the weather & would love to be out of state again, absolutely NOTHING beats being able to spend time with my little brothers every single day. These guys are my best friends. 

How blessed I am to have grown up with an emphasis on family & really growing to love each other. 
Cameron (little biebs) is the most service oriented person I know, a serious sweetheart & a known heart throb to all those sixth grade girls. Tyson is 15, and still wants to hang out with me, he willingly gives me kisses on the cheek everyday & gets mad if I don't give him a hug when I see him. 

Yesterday we went to Sammy's in PG with the parentals, 
I loved just kick'n it in the backseat with my two besties. 

Pie shakes, sweet potato fries, & burgers don't make for a bad time either.

Tonight we're off to laugh our heads off again (its become a regular activity since acquiring an xbox) playing video games with each other while snuggling on the couch. I seriously love these two, couldn't ask for better little brothers. 

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