Say Cheese.

Some people are spending their thanksgiving break hanging out with friends, taking advantage of no school or work the next morning... as for me.. I am taking FULL advantage of the wheel of brie my mother just brought home.

I started by eating this slice of deliciousness as slowly as possible.

What's next? 
Text my best friend who is hundreds of miles away of course... 
I knew she'd share my excitement.

What are best friends more beneficial for than 
evening conversations about your favorite dairy products? 
I mean REALLY do you see this melt in your mouth grilled brie sandwich?

By the way, this isn't some new obsession. 
Brie, in particular DID make it onto my twenty-one favorites EVER list. 

If you've ever wondered what heaven is going to taste like, 
I can help you, here, this is what you'll need.

1. a wheel of brie
2. ciabatta bread
3. an oven
4. overly excited taste buds

I am so ready to head over Europe, cheeses, here I come.

Also, while we're on the cheesy "say cheese" theme, I took these adorable photos of the local highschool heart-throb... aka my little bother. WHAT A STUD.

check out more here.

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