Let's play catch-up.

It's been a solid two weeks since I posted last.
I'm not gonna lie to you, the days are blurring together. I pretty much do the same thing everyday.

I work. Every-day. I love my job. Being a receptionist rocks, plus I get to choose what I wear everyday, unlike working somewhere like starbucks... I guess it was nice that only my black pants, black shirts & green apron smelled very strongly of coffee.

1-5: the uniform.
6. what I put on without fail, every day as soon as I get home from work. I bought that crew sweatshirt at walmart for five dollars. SKIN OF A LAMB THAT THING IS SOFT. I now own multiple colors.

Aside from sitting at my desk all day, I usually shoot about 4 times a week.

if I'm not on the clock, or with camera in hand I without a doubt am reading Harry Potter (as slowly as my eyes will take me) ... the off chance I am not doing any of those three, I eat.

1. grilled pizza, baked ziti & italian sodas: sunday dinner. 2. natasha (greatest boss ever) brought me a homemade carmel apple & it was so good. 3. pumpkin steamers from kneaders only cost ONE DOLLAR AND SIXTY CENTS. 4. my mother is a master crepe maker. 5. the chocolate, salted carmel brownie sundae, mama quada, i am in love with you. 6. pumpkin pie, shake. 7. wendy's now only gives you 5 fries in your container, rip-off. 8. waffles, need i say more? 9. chocolate cake for breakfast, the best mother has made yet. 10. some random rep brought us chocolate cover oreos, oh & that best boss, tash, brought me a peanut butter moo'd jamba, my job is awesome. 11. there are so many perks to living at home. 12. I am 60 years old, oatmeal with crasins is my favorite breakfast these days.

The days may be indistinguishable from each other, 
but time sure is flying & oh the plans I have for the future.

Life is looking up. If all else fails, HP is keeping life interesting, I think I may start the audiobooks, from the top, after I finish reading. I'm in love with how bad-a Dumbledore truly is.

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