The internet is a cool thing.

Because guess what I just downloaded. Onto my computer. All one hundred & twenty two gigabytes. For me to watch, tonight. Plusssss... for a couple months. Okay, you probably don't have any idea, much to vague.

clue #1: its a television show
clue #2: it finished with 15 season's under it's belt.
clue #3: It jump started THIS heart throb's career.
clue #4: the man below appeared in more episodes than any other actor/res on the show.
clue# 5: probably the best television series drama... ever.
clue #6: this adorable redhead shows up in 2003's season.
Do you know what it is?!
Do you know what I have downloaded to consume my time for the next months?
Have you guessed what will be my next television kick?!

Not a T.V. junkie huh?
Oh, you didn't grow up with a television?
Okay, let me give you some more clues.
BAM. They wear scrubs.
No, its not Scrubs, it's a drama, not a comedy. GEORGE CLOONEY, remember?
Are you completely televisionary illiterate?
Did that help? No?
Fine, I'll spell it out for you.


15 seasons to fill my time.
I could not be any more excited.
Here we go, episode one, starting now.

You think I blog about HP a lot? Wait till I get this gem in the mix!

Can you tell Grey's has been off the aire for ... 5 days? Oh, I can.

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