youtube chain.

Need a pick me up?

here is the youtube chain we created last night, somewhere in between arthur haunting people with a helmet on, eating slab, eating cupcakes, incredible clothing lines & witnessing musical history.

start here, pay special attention to ringo. he has no idea whats going on.

next go here, the violinists are on their way to the guillotine, his voice is borderline scary.. all in all nothing beats someone singing at the top of their lungs with a creepy perma-smile.

continue in this direction, people are AWESOME, you wont really laugh, but you'll be in awe.

this one, this one brings tears due to the absoute absurdity... hilarious.

maybe start around 2:35 on this treat, highest note ever sung, really though.

which brought us back to this classic, which can be watched for hours on end, it still makes your abs hurt.

did you enjoy yourself?

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