Obviously I'm going through some sort of withdrawals. Disneyland withdrawals. My bestie Kennan posted this on facebook yesterday.... Mikelle whips out the computer to show it to me, because she knew I would appreciate it. Well at about 1:48, tears were streaming down my face. I was crying. Litterally. Brother Nicola is looking at me like I'm an absolute crazy person, and I'm just asking for a tissue. I can't help that I have a soft spot for everything disney... just ask Mimi, sometimes tears would start welling up as we walked up to the gate. Don't even get me started on running into Mickey & Minnie. What can I say? I may be rounding 20, but I'm 4 at heart, running around with those ears on my head.

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Erika Rae said...

hey. I JUST saw this post after I had already watched this movie in class. I too started to cry after seeing this class. I actually left because I couldn't totally pull off the fact that I was tearing up. lets go to disneyland soon.