Viva Las Vegas.

My weekend, via 10 instagrams:

Celebratory bachelorette party for this lovely, on the strip.
aka LVB.
 or NYC.
where you can lay out at the pool... in the middle of manhattan.
reading your favorite book, while sipping on pina coladas. 
we went to a show at the MGM grand, which also has lions above your head, if so desired.
 side note: mother, I remembered what I want for christmas... more bling please.
 highlight? frrrozen hot chocolate from none other than Serendipity 3.
Kell, Kale & Kale. 
Not to mention an absolute occurrence of fate, as I ran into my three favorite Dial girls.
&FINALLY met their lovely mother.
also, our waiter at cheesecake was awesome, 
he gave us EACH a loaf of brown bread. can you say tipped?

 All in all, 'twas a fabulous warm weekend. yay for one last summer hurrah!

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