This Evening.

Soundtrack: Andrew Belle - I will follow you into the dark (cover)

I'm sitting in my bed, in my oversized number twenty four mr. cano t-shirt. I just returned from a late night run, in the pouring rain. Which was followed by a cold shower. The kind of cold shower where even though the dial is turned to cold it still feels warm on your skin. Similar to rinsing off in the beach showers after surfing on a november morning around 6 am. Although you know its practically ice cold, it feels warm. The coolest feeling though right? What a sensation! Regardless. It has been such a refreshing night. This evening's shoot was postponed & it was only a half day in the office. Meaning, instead of finally returning home after a 12+ hour day, I returned after a mere 5 hours. Ate a grilled cheese sammmich & a bowl of tomato basil soup in addition to taking a lazy night, sitting in front of my computer, watching the yankees absolutely smother the tigers in the eighth inning, securing a tomorrow's game 5 in the postseason. Really though. It was a fabulous game & a fabulous moonlight run.

p.s. Here is to Granderson's beyond amazing save,
 & to my boys, headin' back to the bronx for game 5. After a 10-1 win.
All the way boys, all the way.

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