Soundtrack: Out of Our Minds - Katie Costello (I cannot stop listening to this song over & over again, loving greg holden & katie killin this duet.)

Yesterday, I woke up at 6:00 am. Weird right? Saturday morning, still dark out, got in my car & drove by my lonesome up to my other home, Park City.

The clouds were low so I was driving through the fog & it was BEAUTIFUL!
Plus it was lightly snowing... semi cool. 
 I arrived here.
To take family photos for this lovely lady. Seen [HERE].
& after driving around PC for a bit, I decided Autumn wasn't going to wake up in time & breakfast at kneaders probably wasn't going to happen. So, I drove down to Salt Lake. Stopped by the bank, my grandparents house & Nordstrom, to pick up these beauties: My combat boots if you will... I've had my eye on them for some time, I decided I couldn't wait any longer & just went for it.
 All of this, before 11 am. Waking up early was a genius idea.
When I got home, my new camera bag I had ordered online had
Aka, I was overly excited to shoot som'more.
 And so, following my package arrival I took a much needed nap & 
drove up the canyon for a riot of a bridal shoot.
It was a perfect day, ending perfectly with a cup of cinnamon hot cocoa
 & mini marshmallows with gorgeous girl megs.


Jessica said...

I love your blog. You are too cute.

Jan Fisher Clark said...

yayyy!! i love your pics and that pic of us!!! I cannoT WAIIIIT to see the rest! Love you girl! Thanks so so so so much for coming. I owe you!

And I love your boots. THey are so awesome!!