Out Of Our Minds.

Anything better than a little Katie Costello? How about Greg Holden? Costello & Holden TOGETHER!? Okay, so you may have noticed, from some of my previous posts that I am in love with Katie's song from her most recent album, Out Of Our Minds. Practically obsessed. My love grew this morning as I came across this youtube video on my way to work.

Here is a video of the album version of the song... to convince you to head over to iTunes & purchase it immediately.

Additionally, this is a live video of Katie & Greg earlier this week. They are currently on tour in Europe. So apparently, they both have unfortunately succumb to FOOD POISONING duhn duhn dun. You would never guess, but this video was taken just hours before Katie was taken to the hospital for being so incredibly ill! She is this week's hero for sure. They are so unbelievably talented.

do enjoy.

p.s. I'm currently downloading the new software for my iPhone, could not be more excited. I love free stuff.

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