Anything Better?

Than going back to year one with these kids?
Going nuts over the first book. 
*doesn't rupert  look immensely adorable snuggled up next to emma?
More than halfway through... (quite an accomplishment seeing I started less than 24 hours ago & work full time...) 
Here's to hoping my instagram followers aren't getting too sick with all the posts of my favorite quotes (to be honest, I've held myself back quiiiiteeee a bit).

"We could have been killed -- or worse, expelled." 

NOT TO MENTION eating homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies all the while!?
 I'd say it's been a perfect 24 hours.

Also, there was no line at the post office today. I had a jamocha shake & a jamocha baby for lunch today. Furthermore, tomorrow is Thursday, which is in fact my favorite day of the week. 

'tis all.

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