twenty-three favorites. ever.

this photo is awesome.
okay, now we will begin;

one. the fresh scent of my newly laundered clothing hanging throughout my room.
two. melted cheese. really though, if it has melted cheese on it, I will eat it. I favor brie especially.
three. harry potter & everything that J.K. freaking brilliant Rowling created through the wizarding world.
four. the olympics, of either season. can you say in-fat-u-a-tion?
five. the sound of rain outside.
six. elephants. wrinkly, overly-awesome (as in they bring me awe), large (but the babies too), altogether the coolest animal out there, elephants.
seven. the people behind apple & their ingenius, monopolized creations.
eight. long-stemmed pink roses. peonies. & mostly just fresh flowers.
nine. grey's anatomy & everything about it.
ten. jazz apples. fresh peaches. & raspberries.
eleven. when I get that crisp photo that makes my heart leap with excitement.
twelve. men who dress well. (really chels? you sure about this one?) as in the french cuff shirts, vintage ties, slim cut suits & fabulous shoes that put me into an absolute frenzy. but the kind of guy that'll wear a tie to a theme park, yep, I like those ones.
thirteen. will disneyland ever get even a little bit old for me? I think not.
fourteen. everything baseball. the feeling of the games, the sound of a ball hitting a glove. emphasis on my boys in the navy pinstripes.
fifteen. the sights sounds & smells of anthropologie. lets think about it for a moment, is there anything better than wandering through the sale section, finding yourself sitting on one of the couches for hours flipping through interior design books, smelling the signature volcano scent & embracing the overly fantastic music selection? nope!
sixteen. monte cristo sandwiches. deep fried heaven. with a side of dr. pepper, but only with the good ice, straight from the fountain.
seventeen. really incredible night skies. the stars. oh & that green lazer beam pen that you can point at them with.
eighteen. things that come in boxes of a particular shade of blue.
nineteen. fog. fog, fog, fog. that misty stuff that makes any landscape look THAT much more awesome. the kind of thing that makes you want to yell "FOGGGG!"whenever it is present.
twenty. ing & friends. the musical brilliance that brings absolute bliss to my soul. the rush of being in the sweaty pit that is a concert with actually talented musicians.
twenty-one. socks, fresh out of the package, crisp cotton on my feet!
twenty-two. finishing a book in practically one sitting, because you cannot, for the life of you, set it down.
twenty-three. getting off the plane in a new city.

anybody second these notions of favoritism?

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taylor morgan said...

i thought this was what i read: eleven. when I get that crisp potato

i reread it 3 times before i figured out it said "photo"