So lately...

I've been sick.
& I've also been shooting like crazy crazay carrrazy.
& then... at night. Instead of resting during my sleep I've been having these insanely vivid dreams.
Lots of guest stars... highschool friends, childhood friends, celebrities, ex's.. etc etc.
Regardless.. I'm not sure how I communicate with whomever creates these dreams, maybe they read this.

Dear personal dream creator, (you're getting really original lately, great job!) could you please work Jude into tonight's dream? Let's go to London or something.
So tomorrow I can reminisce on that while I'm sitting at work all day... instead of the wacked out things  that've been on the agenda lately?

sincerely, chelsie

also, if you're an ingrid fan, I've been listening to NPR for the past hour..
radio shows with ingrid always win.
find it [here].

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