quick note from CA.

Don't worry. I'll be returning to Utah, as well as the blogging world by Monday. After which you'll getting a full scale recap of my 10 days of bliss. In the meantime, I wanted to share this adorable story with you.

So, I was at the beach this evening, sitting on a bench, waiting for my clients to arrive for their family photos. Well! As I'm sitting there, a couple on the bench next door gets ENGAGED! It was adorable, she was all tears of absolute happiness & he was beaming ear to to ear. Obviously, I immediately started photographing the event. I tried to restrain from getting too many angles, I thought they'd be a little bit toooooo creeped out. Although, when I went up to them following the frenzy, they were ecstatic to hear that I creeped in on their special moment! I then handed them a business card & let them know I'd be thrilled to hand over the photos as an engagement present.

I love me some love. & they were adorable. What a fabulous evening at the beach!

Congratulations my newly found friends Steven & JoAnna!

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