If you were me.

& you had 10 days of bliss. back at home in Southern California...
this is how your week+ would go:

you'd get off the plane, say hi to mom&dad Lark, head straight to DL.

you'd make your bestie mike (kunicki, kunicks, michael, professor kunickleton) take loads of photos of you in your domain...

with the elephants.
 you'd enjoy numerous amounts of corndogs from the little red wagon.
 you'd steal mimi's ice cream.
 & frolic around as usual... but lose your sunglasses somewhere in the park doing so.
 you'd obnoxiously check-in (fb style) at every attraction you enjoyed.
das toboggan. das bliss.
& then frolic som'more.
you'd continue your day by attending the Yankee/Angles game.
 & while everyone else was eating hottdogs, you & mimi would be enjoying a veggie tray, snuck in from the grocery store.
 you'd stand by your team, rep'n the whole time.
 & you could probably get a few more friend's to join you (unfortunately, not everyone is pictured).
 you'd insist on your friend's joining you on balboa the following afternoon.
& you'd probably find the car you would like to be driving.
 (except this is only kinda like it. my ACTUAL dream car would be a vintage porche, tiffany's blue, with a restored/flipping awesome interior).
 you'd decide $.50 for a horse ride is totally worth it.
 & that contrary to popular belief, heath pecan crunch on your balboa bar is the ONLY way to go.
you'd get to hang out with your favorite children ever.
 you'd swim & take pictures & everything would be GREAT.

You'd probably convince tors & momlark to go to DL with you...
 for frolic, ya know?
you might even finally track down your favorite character, Donald Duck... & even get a photo.
 you'd dish out the bucks to get your favorite food ever. A monte cristo sandwhich in new orleans square... worth every penny.
you'd probably go to chik-fil-a for practically every meal in aliso viejo.
 & then, after going to school to watch ms. kellie pie hi teach her sixth graders, you'd probably convince kunicki to take you to DL for your 5th & final time, the day your DL pass expires.
 you'd probably stalk the characters, cuz they're in halloween costumes.
 & believe it or not, you might even go on tom sawyer island for the first time.
 to find out that they have all these great things from Pirates... you'll be pretty excited.
 the frolic will continue & you might even wait in line to get a photo with sailor mickey... just because.
 I'd assume more corndogs would be had... 
 & autotopia would be checked off the list.
unfortunately, you'd lose your phone on your favorite ride, thunder mountain.
but after a half hour... you'd find it. & ride in the back row ONCE again.
the beach would be a destination.
& you'd mess around waiting for clients to arrive (you know, like taking photos of people getting engaged & stuff... before the families get there). 

in addition to all these things... you might also
lay out at the pool.
make a DENT in the Anthropolgie sale rack at the spectrum (consequently making a dent in your bank account).
go to FHE at wild rivers... meet a long lost relative & scrape up your knees real good.
watch an ENTIRE season of Grey's Anatomy. (really chels? in a week?)
go see a stupid movie too late at night.
watch some random guy's basketball game in Newport.
punch Mark so much that he makes you a challenge to be nice for over 24 hours.
have a blast driving up to Hunting Beach to have chicken fights on the side walk.
go to the Newport LDS temple & hit up Pei Wei afterward.
Enjoy two, count'em TWO Sunday's with the SC5 crew.
try baja fish tacos...finally.

& thats about it. all in all.. you'll probably absolutely love your vacation & cringe at the thought of returning to real life.

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Carly Michelle said...

Chels this sounds like the best 10 days anyone could ever have - take me back to California!