I, the mountain biker.

If you know my parents... & my brothers... you know that they're all ridiculously hardcore mountain bikers. Then if you know me... you know that I am... not. Regardless, I asked mom & pops to take me on the kiddie course this morning in the perfect labor day overcast weather.

just call me the black widow.
except not really, I was dead by time we even got to the trailhead.
It was scenic, awesome & hard.
 (although, it was mostly downhill.. only exhausting for us fatties who watch movies & read books whenever we have spare time, so I don't know if this course could really be classified as hard.)
& then we ended early, because I looked like this.
It was a relatively fun time... aside from feeling like I was going to throw up.

Mama & Papa Clarke = 1
Chels = 0

but really, I had a good time! Just maybe not all 2.7 miles!

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Suz said...

oh chels... I laughed my head off reading this post!!! I could even hear you in my head. So sad I was not a part of this day. Ready for round two any time soon???? lol