Today, one through nine.

Things that brought me unimaginable amounts of happiness today:

1. The patients who came into the office today baring gifts. 
Three Chocolate cakes from Magleby's... for the staff.

2. Visiting old friends & teachers that make you feel loved.

3. The fact that Apple gave me a brand new iPhone, no questions asked, because my home button was being spastic.

4. Returning to my home of Anthroplogie for the first time since June (my bank account thanks me for moving back to the land of barren shopping)  - Complete with employees that compliment you a billion times, and convince to you spend money on all the best sale items you can imagine. New high waisted adorable yellow shorts? Yes.
5. Being with my best friend Taylor. Oh, & that she was with me when I found out that The Counter had ALREADY CLOSED!? Practically before it had even opened? I don't understand, Utah, what is wrong with you? - but that she was there to comfort... so I didn't break into a fit of sobs, on the sidewalks of the gateway.

6. Stopping at JCW's for the $1 ginormous ice cream cones that make your taste buds ecstatic.

7. That when I got home, and restored my back up of my previous iPhone, EVERYTHING came back.
 Including but not limited to:
My photos, my text messages, my call log, my voicemail, all of my settings (even my sound preferences & everything!) my voicemail custom recording of my favorite child hiccuping, my apps, my background, my hey tells!! Though, best of all - even my tiny tower game was EXACTLY how I left it. I'm telling you, these apple people, they are GENIUSES! It's like it's the exact same phone! So much for being stressed that I'd lost everything.

8. Singing at the top of my lungs to DCFC & Greg Laswell with Taylor & loving every second of it. Nothing hits the spot like blasting your favorite songs.

9. And finally, this high powered green beam lazer pen that honestly makes me feel supernatural (I want to say it makes me feel like a god... but that feels blasphemous). You can point at the stars with this thing & it is UNBELIEVABLE. Truly though, astonishing amounts of joy come from playing with this little "this is not a toy".

The end. I hope your day was as fan-freaking-tabulous as my own.

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taylor morgan said...

8. .....Nothing hits the spot like blasting your favorite songs.... or ice cream... or cafe rio salads