To The Men.

If you haven't caught on already, I have an uncanny infatuation with men's clothing. Most would argue you shouldn't judge a man by his clothes, I beg to differ. Although it may sound stuck up & mostly ridiculous, I'd like to think this extended period of being single is due to my judgements & overly specific "type" I am accustomed to. Its him, not me.. right?

Regardless, for all the men.

This article says it all,

& mind you, it only touches on casual wear!

 Don't get me started on suits. I agree with the article entirely, aside from his stance on square-toed shoes. & to set the record straight, in nearly every case aside from plaid shirts, buttoned down collars are completely unacceptable & if funds allow, french cuff is the only way to go. Don't forget, tie bars & that folded detail in the breast pocket will get the girl, every time.

If anyone knows where all the men are who don't need to be told... please inform me immediately.

Further questions?

Please refer to the refined classy look of this man:
guide found here.
 It touches into the more formal side of life... yet he wears this everyday.
I'm in love.

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Hollie said...

best post Ive ever read. if only all men could dress sexy.