Southern Utah.

This past weekend I made a quick trip, along with the fam down to Southern Utah for a reunion. Here is an overview, via instagram!

 Hiked around St. George & Zion's National Park. One of the hikes was an estimated mile uphill, they said it would take us 30 minutes to get there... so we get all prepped for this strenuous leg muscle melting hike & we made it to the top in about 4 minutes... can you even call that a hike!? Pretty sure that'd go under the classification of walk in the park.
Additionally, we went to this fantastic cafe in downtown St. G. It's called TwentyFiveMain. Next time you make a trip down there, you better go! Delicious, & their advertised date night special is enough for me to move down there! ... well almost. Regardless, it doesn't cost you an arm & a leg, plus is fun & delicious!
& then we came home. I drank lots of delicious apple juice, kicked back watched White Collar (I'm in love with Neal's style, please find me that man that dresses in 60's suits everyday) & watched the sunset.

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