Guess who came to visit.

The children!

My two favorite kids in the world, came all the way up to Utah & their parents even let me steal them for the night! Everybody wins!

To begin, G sang a little JB in the car as we drove home, baby sister just laughed.

& oh is that baby girl as cute as ever!?
Not only that, she was obsessed with Taylor! She constantly was walking over to Tay & just plopping down on her lap.
I can't get enough of that curly hair & those bluest ever eyes.
G was about as happy as they come, seeing as Jordan & Emily kept making him a "castle" to break out of. I've never seen anyone make that many friends so quickly, he introduced himself to all my friends, shaking their hand &asking them their names, it was hilarious!
Max was a favorite, but I think both kids just loved him for his water bottle. :P The funnest Garrett-Line of the night would have to be "Wow! There is everything back there but the kitchen sink!" Is this child 3 or 30? I ADORE him.
Love me some cuddles from these two (:
Can you believe it!? Baby girl is walking like a champ! Running around all over the place! It's amazing! 
There she is, back at home on taylor's lap.
Is this girl not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?
I can't get enough of the faces G pulls when I tell him to "cheese".
"Pajama party Chelsie! its a pajama party!"
G fell in love with Cam. Not to mention baby girl! She would not take her eyes off of him! Just kept staring & smiling, it was hilarious!
"I do want some milk & cookies Chelsie!"

Best night of the summer so far.

Two weeks from Friday & I'll get to see them AGAIN.
I sure do miss these little ones, I'm so glad some of my Utah people got to meet them, see what all the hype is about!


Mandy said...

Chelsie you are so talented! Such adorable kids.

I usually wear a 2, but sometimes a 4 and the smalls fit perfect. Aren't they the greatest find? My mom when she saw me was like... "I had red jeans in the 90's." Oh yeah, making a comeback.

Anonymous said...

whoa. cool.
He even has eyes in some of the pictures, hah!