Four photographs that may or may not make you laugh.

To begin, this is me.
With a zucchini as a nose. Is that not one very large & oddly shaped veggie!? We collected it from my parents garden on Sunday afternoon, made a chocolate zucchini cake that will put you in a sugar coma. Notice Tyce in the background, licking the spoon while I'm not watching.

Furthermore, this is dearest Autumn & myself.
Apparently pac sun sells quadruple XL spandex infused board shorts... 
we were bored. 

& lastly...
 this is what homemade buttermilk pancakes look like when you forget to put the oil in the batter.
& this is what they look like when you're a slightly more experienced chef.

All in all playing mom has made me tired & quite frankly all I can think about is the 2 grand lens I'm going to purchase later this week. Paycheck come sooner please? As soon as it arrives (via amazon prime 2 day shipping!!) I'm pretty all I'll want to do is shoot... all. the. time.

If I made you chuckle, even just a little bit, show me some love, send me a comment?


Paige said...

I am a common maker of scrambled pancakes... if you do that... then you just pretend you meant to. Everybody loves a good scrambled pancake!

Emily said...

Pancakes... hahahaha such a good morning at your house!!!