Here's the deal. Ever since I moved back from California, where I did cool things every day, I've started to get very excited when anything of note happens! Here we go, last night Michael & I went to the batting cages. SO FUN! Not only am I an avid Yankee fan, baseball watcher extraordinaire, it turns out I can actually PLAY baseball as well! I surely surprised myself in that I can make contact bat to ball... preeeettttyy consistently. I was definitely better than the three full grown men (who may or may not have been drunk) that came near the end of our adventure. Although they may have been intoxicated, I'm still impressed with my kicking their butt skills. 
I think I need to take advantage of this new skill. We are going to play a real game of baseball. Michael already said yes, now we just need players.

Also, I came back with souvenirs! I have a blister... and my hand still hurts. BUT I FEEL AWESOME. Also, Yanks killed the Chicago last night... 6-0. & we kicked it old school style watching Ghost Adventures, just like old times, hilarious. All around good night? Yes.

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