Why cookies, of course.

To begin, Cousin made macaroons.

Isn't she the greatest? Pistachio with Crème Brûlée filling!
They were so delicious & sweet!

Would you like to know what IS NOT sweet?
The fact that I have been spelling COARSE as in "of COARSE!" all these years completely & utterly incorrect. It is not in fact coarse, it is course. With a U. Finally after the plethora of years that is my life have passed, my mother finally decided to bring up my spelling mishap! Not only that, dear Emily, who I used to consider one of my closest friends chimes in to say "oh yeah, that always bugged me, I should have said something!"
My question for you all... I thought you were my friends? I thought you loved me!
WHY DID NOT ONE OF YOU CORRECT ME!? I'll be quite frank with you... I don't think very highly of people who cannot spell.. do you all feel the same way? Do I seem to be just another uneducated annoying soul like so many in this world?

Please, all, give me some recourse (punny right?), tell me I'm not as stupid as I feel!

*not to worry, I went through my entire blog & fixed all of my spelling mistakes & let this be a lesson to you all, I take grammatical corrections with love! Pass them my way!*


Anonymous said...

You are not stupid, love. And used to be? No. We're still best friends. I love this post very much:) You know who I am.

Ann Mitchell said...

You need a comma in you title after cookies. Why cookies, of course.
Also...spelling is grammatical. 2 m's in grammar, and 2 in grammatical. How's that for a teacher in the middle of the summer?