Check this out.

So I'm currently using the new Blogger interface... it's pretty cool.
I'm mostly just excited about the new photo uploader.. the previous, much too 1998. You can actually select multiple photos to upload, instead of doing each one separately & in backwards order. It's about time.

Cool right? You want in?

To test it out I chose to clue you in on yesterday evening. Reunion with one of my most favorite people I've ever come across. Kenzzzzzzz Miller. Highschool would have been rotten without her. Here we are getting yogurt... The Mal Miller works there... aka free giant cup of yogurt. THANK YOU.

enjoy your new interface, I'm off to get some Guru's with Bobalin & David!

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taylor morgan said...

i am confused? because i have always been able to add multiple pictures at a time... but do not use that one you are showing!??!