Past Week.

Soundtrack: Matthew Perryman Jones - Save You

Here is a snippet of my past week.

 Last weekend, I found myself back at my second home. Park City. Which has quite literally been a second home to me, I believe I spent more time there my senior year than anywhere else besides Alpine.. it was quite ridiculous. Oh the times we had, Taylor can back me up on this. Regardless, last year Taylor & Mitchell took me to the Olympic Museum, they are aware of the upright obsession I have with the Olympics (I believe it actually contributed to the loss of a job for me once...) & decided it would be the most fitting place to hold my birthday celebration. Such great friends they are.

This past weekend when I was in town with Tay, Kell & Jess, we decided K&J needed to be enlightened with its greatness, & so, much to my great pleasure, I was able to revisit the monument!
 To top it all off, there was a special treat. My new best friend doing the most insane ski-jumping tricks into the swimming pool. Incredible I tell you! 
 Overall the experience only contributed to my overwhelming desire to move to London for the 2012 Olympics
Afterwhich we made our way to Mainstreet, met up with the loveliest & nicest girls you'll ever lay eyes on, Lana & Rachelle for some dinner at Zoom - & oh was it delicious!

My mother was jealous of our shared meal - I ended up with the pleasure of joining both Rachelle & Lana again, this time for mother daughter lunch at Thanksgiving Point later in the week! Chelle & I got pretty excited about trying on hats post-lunch. 

& finally, I joined the most wonderful Megan Larsen for a much needed scooter ride down to the snow shack mid week! Something about the sugar coma that syrup'd snow gives you that can brighten any mood!

I'm now playing mother as the parents are in Montreal with Nickolas - the boys & I are having quite the week, how my mother keeps this kitchen clean, I will never know.

Also, I read 281 of these today. I am currently reading The Help which is fabulous by the way, though I cannot wait to finish it (almost done!) so I can dive head first into HP1.

The end.

P.S. I'm too lazy to blog about checking-in to nearly every restaurant in Provo with Arthur & Taylor... hilarious. Taylor has kindly expounded. Here.


Anonymous said...

What about swimming during a lightning storm and the sweet pick up game of soccer?

Chelsie Clarke said...

Anonymous! WHO ARE YOU?

Maximo de Benito said...

Hmm, that's a mistery, but I suppose you have the right to yo, Máximo!

Van said...

So since you and I are both spontaneous and like to travel... we should get to London for the 2012.