"Not me, not Hermione, YOU"

Yes you, Harry Potter.

Obviously I'm not the only person out there that feels it is necessary to commemoriate, via the internet, a world wide unbelievably inspiring era that has now come to a close. The fact that I am no where near the only person who felt this urge, is proof in itself. I'm with all the millions of you that shed a tear when the final chapter was through.
The grand finale of the film portion was fantastic. Despite the films doing by no means the justice the literature deserved, all eight movies were abundant in entertainment & quotability. All considered, I feel as if the movies & books are completely separate entities, superb in their own ways & almost without comparison, just sharing the surface of a storyline.

The point of the matter is this,
J.K. Rowling is one of the most influential people... ever. She inspired children & adults around the world to read. I for one feel this way, as a child I hated to read (unlike cousin) & just as the rest of my peers, I became completely captivated by the wizarding world. Don't tell me majority of the people reading this post didn't wait for their letter from Hogwarts on their 11th birthday, or believe that the secret world was there & they were just dealt the unfortunate muggle card. She is the definition of brilliant. Writing a series of books that grew in difficulty as the readers too grew older, using nearly every literary device, (its true, I'm pretty sure we used something from HP as an example in every discussion in AP Lit) while enthralling each of us in the complex story.

So here's to you Rowling. Thank-you for creating exactly what this messed up world needed.

I'm off to start book one, once again.

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taylor morgan said...

too bad book one is lost.... naked & lost.