To begin, I feel more at home in San Clemente
than I do in this awful apartment here in Provo.
Which is why a reunion with my SC5 family couldn't have come at more of a necessary time. One of my very favorite vacation spots, with some of my very favorite people, as a whole the greatest feeling vacation I've ever been on, aside from waking up every morning feeling like I'd been beaten to near death while sleeping.
I promise you, glowsticks in the late hours of the night, butter water, boogie boards & some crazy fun people makes for the biggest adrenaline & endorphin rush you could ask for. & you know what Elle Woods says,
"Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy & happy people don't kill their husbands, they just dont!"
& happy I was. As long I wasn't within the 3-4 minutes post nap time, I was as happy as a clam... where ever that expression comes form.

We had the greatest hosts you could ask for. Who goes on a vacation devoted to attending to all us crazy kids? The Sameulians have gained my highest respect. Suze, the most wonderful cook & caring person... & Silver Fox, incredible. But really, as kind, cool & laid back as people come. It takes a high caliper person to be as great as they are.

Thank you all who were in attendance for the best week ever. I'll be back in my rightful place in less than two months. Can you say 10 day trip back to where I belong? Yes, yes I can.

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