love me some babies.

Soundtrack: Elizabeth & the Catapult - Complimentary Me.

Provo hasn't been completely anti-climactic! I got home from work on Tuesday & lookit who was WAITING FOR ME!
sweet most adorable baby jaydin (: as precious as they come.

Thursday I was in one of those weird not so happy moods. My mother instructed me that I was to come up to Alpine & hang out with her, seeing as my father has been away on business. We had a sleepover & everything! Best part: She asked me to go on a walk with her, obviously I was game... until she traded in her flip-flops for her "walking shoes"... I knew right then & there that I was NOT going to keep up with her. Not to fret, I pulled the nice rollerblades outta the coat closet. Now you see, I haven't bladed in quite some time... it was effective in that I was able to stay at a similar pace with my mother's speed walking abilities, however, not the safest solution. Not to mention, not only was my safety in danger, my ego too was taking a dent! She could not stop laughing because I was 2 feet taller than her in those wheeled shoes!
Not only do I look completely uncoordinated & ridiculous in rollerblades, I'm like 7 feet tall... awkward.

So last night was fun & then I woke up late (as in late for work!) and went to work. While I was manning my new post as a receptionist for Dr. Hoyal, Tory sent me a video of Hope! AND SHE'S WALKIN' LIKE A CHAMP! All around the house! I about died of missing the children. Thank goodness Tory saved me, Facetime.
I promise you he is as cute as ever & may have been just excited to see me as I was to see him. G sent me virtual kisses & insisted that it would only take sixteen & a half minutes to get to "garrett's house" if I just jumped in the car right that second. Now I'm trying to pass time by blogging, Tory's ipod must charge so that when Hope wakes up I can facetime her too!

Don't worry, all is well. The most important holiday in the Jones' family next to Christmas, Independence Day, is this weekend! Balloon Festivals, Parades, Cabin BBQ's & Fireworks, its about to get REAL good.

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