Just like the rest of Utah

Soundtrack: Sondre Lerche - You Sure Look Swell

Arthur & myself attended the Twilight Concert series last Thursday.
It was pretty great, considering it was the Decemberists... & it was free.

Not to mention they were giving out free vitamin water (I love me some free stuff).
We had a fun time playing the who knows more people here game... I surpassed him, by a lot, which is surprising because Arthur has one pretty much every other time we've been together.
We enjoyed the music... until they decided to see how annoying they had to get to make 24,000 people reduce to 5,000... we left.
The after party took place the next morning, SLAB Pizza... which was fabulous might I add. He practically insisted I get Buffalo Wing & oh was I happy to just his judgment, Arthur is the king of all culinary experiences in Provo. Buffalo Wing, absolutely delicious. Its been a week since, & I've tried 3 additional kinds.
With out a doubt, my pizza place of choice has been found.

p.s. did you notice that in both photos that Arthur took, he captured me mid-smile? Skills.

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