I, the photographer.

Imma real life photographer people! Seeing as I taught myself nearly everything I know about photography, it was time I took at turn with the film side. Unfortunately I've never taken a single photography class, seminar, workshop.. natta. Consequently I've had zero experience with film cameras. However, I recently inherited my papa's old film Nikon from his college days. Because I usually can't see that well, it was time for the rare occasion of pulling out the prescription glasses, seeing as I was shooting fully manual once again. Taylor was proud, she probably would have even let me drive, since I could see & all. Although we didn't take a drive, we did take a walk! Just around the block from my apartment, shooting all the while & oh did we have a blast. It's about time I did some photographer self portraits, thank you & props to Ms. Goff for helping me out!
Do you love these as much as I do? My favorites have to be the cartoon looking angles, I posted one, but we have a few more that are quite hilarious!

Can't wait to develop our shoot tonight, should be interesting!

p.s. please go tell me how adorable the couples are that I've shot lately!

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Kydan said...

man, taught yourself EVERYTHING? Lets not forget how many times I've run over the basics with you! hehe. And, thats my camera too, dont forget that.