Today, is Cousin's birthday.
Thats right. That gorgeous girl on the right... its her day, the one dedicated to the fabulous 19th of July that took place 19 years ago. I'd have to say its one of my favorite days, because it means that Cousin was born into my family... & I will forever be grateful to God for allowing such a thing to happen.
Not only is she beautiful. She's smart. The kind of smart that gets people all envious & such. In addition to that smartness, she has a great sense of humor, she's as nice as people get & pretty much all together just a well-rounded phenomenal personality.
Which is how she snagged this lucky son-of-a-gun.

So congratulations cousin, for being alive. & congratulations to Scott, for being SO fortunate to have this lady in your life for the rest of your life, she more than a catch. Not to mention congratulations to me for having the a built in best friend that's betta' than all the rest.

If you didn't get enough description of how fantastic this individual is, more is found in this previous post.

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