Balloon Fest.

Soundtrack: The Avett Brothers - January Wedding.

Saturday morning, woken up promptly at 6:00 am.
It takes something TOTALLY WORTH IT to wake me up that early on my day off.
Something like the annual balloon festival that I remember going to every year since... well forever.
Not to mention the traditional post-balloon breakfast at Einsteins & Starbucks. Independence Day means bagels.. & lots of them.

The brothers bailed this year... though it wasn't too hard to convince the parentals to join me at that ungodly hour.
All sorts of awesome balloons + the sunrise... what more could you ask for!?

I love this patriotic weekend. More to follow.

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Mitchell Tanner Finlinson said...

I know that you are concerned about your spelling ability so I should probably tell you ANNUAL is not spent anual