t minus one point five...days.

Soundtrack: Yael Naim - Come Home

It's 11:20. G's mom will be home at 2:00. That mean's I'm at one point five days until this wonderful job is no longer mine. I've been taking photos like crazy. My phone is filled with videos of him just eating chicken nuggets. What am I going to do!? I can feel the withdrawals coming on already.
Isn't he adorable? I'm dying here.

On a happier note. I hit up another Angel game last night, against the Rays. Carter, my friend from San Diego drove up to go with me! We paid fifty cents for our tickets... & then went & joined Mimi & her father on the front row... just next to home plate. No biggy. It was no Yankee game, though still immensely enjoyable. We tried to eat that whole bag of sunflower seeds... barely made a dent.

Lookit that view!
I couldn't help but have my "excited face" in every photo. (:

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taylor morgan said...

i have that same excited face in every photo of mine too... but my problem is i do it even if i am the opposite of excited... im too excited for you to come home..... i am bored out of my mind here! so if it is okay with you... i am going to be in provo A LOTTTTTTT mmk?