I felt like continuing the tradish of blogging about what happened exactly a week ago.
My first night home, Kennan, Tay & myself are sitting in the kitchen. I bring up how I am going to take Scott & Erika's engagement photos the next evening in the poppy fields. Taylor immediately gasped with unbelief that I was aware of the location of such fields. How on earth can you live in the Alpine/Highland area, nearly your entire life & not know about these beauties!? Needless to say, she was adamant that we immediately visit these said fields.
Lovely, right?
Utah may not be California, but it IS beautiful.
Taylor was in heaven.
The best part is still to come. As I am taking photographs, both Kennan & Taylor are freaking out because they are sure some sort of large, possibly dangerous animal is nearby. I was pretty insistant that it was only a biker on the trials behind the trees... though Kennan wouldn't take no for an answer, instead she went looking around & look at what she found!
HUGE right!? Took this as we were RUNNING AWAY. We were about 5 feet away from it, but its head was down in the bushes so we couldn't see its massive horns. You bet the second he popped that 7 foot horn span up in our direction we spun right around and ran for the hills... or in this case, the car.

Adventure right? Gotta keep things interesting, since my life took a turn for boredom ever since leaving my heart in Southern California.


Paige said...

Love the Poppies. We always take our Family Pictures in them. And what the Jedi Ox thing?!! I heard rumors that they were gonna be putting one of those up there but I thought that they were just puffing smoke. Golly! they really exist!! Glad that you are still Whole without holes through your body from that beast!!

Deb said...

beautiful pictures!! I thought for sure that the critter was going to be a rattlesnake..the steer was much nicer! I have those snakes and scorpions WAY too much on my brain. bob