Out with a bang!

& then, it was Saturday.

The perfect ending to the perfect week.

Rick (mimi's popa) had to take a client to the Yankees/Angels game & generously brought us along with him! I was already planning on going, but I was NOT planning on having these seats!
Needless to say, I was VERY excited.
Check out our incredible view of the boys!
We were close enough to talk to Bobby on deck! Not to mention, Mr. Hotman Cano said HELLO to me while he was warming up. I about died.
We ate peanuts.
& watched Robbie smack one outta the park, followed by A-Rod's homer as well!
C.C. threw some hot ones, had an fabulous game & we even got to see the man himself, Rivera finish off the last pitch of the game!
I made mims run over to the visitors' side to get a photo.
& snapped a quick one of Mr. Girardi.


incredible right? best week of my life.


Jan Fisher Clark said...

your life is so cool. you are so cool.

love the peanut photo. seriously. LOVE. IT.

Hollie said...

I love baseball boys :) ahhhh.