The more concerts, the better.

Last week I came across some free Sara Bareilles tickets... on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Cool right? That part was easy. Getting there - not so much.

First, I put the address into maps on my iPhone. I dunno why I trust that app... ever. Turns out, we ended up in the middle of Vernon (a suburb of LA) on a one way street, next to some abandoned warehouses & fields. ... this is far from concert material. After double checking to make sure I had put in the correct address, I had. I tried putting the address into another app, lo & behold we were 49 minutes away from our destination & were supposed check in 10. When I had gone to show tapings before, they had always made us arrive a couple hours early anyways, so I thought we should just try & get in anyhow. We began our drive in rush-hour traffic on the 101. YAY! However, after an hour of driving, just short of an hour late, finding a parking spot just a block away... on hollywood blvd... a little too good to be true, we made it. Hoped in the line that was waiting to enter the venue . We wouldn't be near the stage, but we'd get in there! After about 30 seconds of waiting in line, I realized I hadn't texted Tory back who we were meeting up with after (we were told that we wouldn't be allowed to bring phones into the concert) I thought I'd run back to the car and text her quickly. When I reached the car, all the cars around me had tickets on them. Turns out we had all read the signs wrong. I jumped in the car & got us outta there REAL quick. But it took me about a half hour to find parking.. meanwhile Mimi (without a phone) had no idea where I was & everyone was already inside. I, sprinting down the walk of fame, attempted to make it there before she figured I had been abducted or something. I got stuck behind a crowd of people & spiderman... only in Hollywood can you say "Move it spidey!" & it actually have some effect!
I found Mimi walking down the street... TOTALLY pissed off. Though, after I explained that I had gotten us out of a parking ticket, she immediately forgave me & we got into the venue no problem. I decided to sneak my phone in anyways, I had to have photos! Not to mention, because we were at the back, we got to be next to Jimmy himself when he announced Sara's performance! Once again, Sara was incredible live. She puts on such a good show. It was no comparison to the October show in SLC & was still amazing! That's talent.
Since we had 4 hours of validated parking, we thought we'd walk up, down & all around Hollywood Blvd. Here we are, excited out of our minds in front of the Chinese Theater. After last week, no trip to L.A. is complete without a stop at Diddy Riese! Tory met us up there & we indulged in the most deliciously inexpensive ice cream sandwiches that ever were!

In 7 days & 1 hour I will be leaving my beloved home of Southern California.
I'm freaking out... a lot.

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dont frek out I'm heere