It came.

Soundtrack: Keane - The Frog Prince

Last day at work .... tears.

There has been lots of cheek kissing, pit tickling, baby holding,
couch snuggling, chicken nugget eating, goodness.

G & I even made a plate of cookies & ate them all up.
We also played with the bubble gun - & had a blast!
See more photos HERE.

Now baby sister is asleep upstairs & G is snoring as loud as ever snuggled up with me here on the couch. I've been updating my photography site with a few past shoots of him. I can't believe June 10th is already here. Not to mention, I'm jobless! Anybody know of any open reception jobs in UT? Or even another nannying job - incentive is... you pay me to watch your children & as a bonus I take hundreds of photos of them... I say its a good trade :P

Can't believe I'm leaving this life behind.


Ann Mitchell said...

I have really enjoyed your year in California! You have lived a dream life! I have loved reading your blog! Good luck in Utah!

Chere said...

Brad and Kristi are going to love these! What an awesome mommy you are going to make! Don't worry wherever you go adventure seems to follow! xoxo