Homeward Bound.

It was a week ago that I found my tear-ducts unplugged as I drove myself out of Orange County, picked up my father at the airport & made my way back to Utah.

Did you catch that part about how I picked up my popa? The most amazing father in the world. After being on business in Flordia all week, he caught a flight to OC to accompany me home, just in case any problems should arise. What a man! I love him too much. As we were driving through Vegas, we somehow got on a conversation about why Utah is cool. ... good job cheering me up pops! Anyways, have you EVER heard this song!?

SLC's gotta be cool if the BEACH BOYS sang about it right!? How have I never heard this song? You'd think the residents of Utah would take more pride in such an accomplishment as having the Beach Boys sing about you! Use it for every theme song to every event out there right!?

We then got into more & more research. Turns out, this is not the only song about Salt Lake.. Fun, Fun, Fun too has connections to my beloved home state! Which led to more songs! The Beach Boys love Utah! Who woulda thought!? My favorite article we came across, (we did a lot of reading on the road, go 3G!) had to of been this one.

Anyways, I made it home successfully, although we did almost run out of gas... made it over 20 miles with a completely empty tank...

& I was able to fit ALL of this in my car, without using the front seat & I could see through the back window.
Impressive? Yes.

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Ann Mitchell said...

I remember when that song came out...I was probably in 2nd or 3rd grade!