The greatest day that EVER was: California edition.

A warning:
This is a lengthy post, filled with some of the greatest things I have experienced in my California Residency thus far. And I apologize to those of you who are friends with me & had spammed news feeds by my plethora of check-ins throughout the day... I just couldn't contain my enthusiasm!

To begin, my boss (best job ever) G's dad, calls me up & asks if I can come up to LA with he & the kids to take pictures with David Beckham. Yes, yes I can.

Mr. Sexy, himself.

Followed by a quick stop at Five Guys for lunch... YUM. How's that for a hard day at work!?
Don't worry, the hard work didn't last long, I got off early & went straight to six flags with Mom Lark & Mims! In the words of Mom Lark, "Incredible!"

We had a blast. Discount tickets for $35 a piece & hardly any lines at all.

"You have got to be flippin' kidding me." - mom lark.
She was by far the most hardcore person there. So game for anything, the employees continually told us that she should receive an award for her bravery.
Just so you know, the greatest roller coaster there is Colossus, the old rickety wooden one.
Can't you tell by our LOVELY faces in the photo below? Oh, & mims lost her clothes on that one... riding naked.
Incredible. Really. SO FUN.
IT GETS BETTER. (what!? you've got to be kidding me)

Mom lark knows best. A trip to LA is not complete without a little SHOPPING!
& so, following a quick stop at Wendy's to try their new berry salad, we made our way to the mall in Beverly Hills. Once we entered the parking garage, things got REALLY interesting. Apparently this mall has caught on to the greatest idea I've ever heard of. We probably spent 30 minutes looking around for parking spots, just for the fun of it! The entire garage is fitted with this electronic system, there are lights above each spot in the garage, that are either red (taken) or green (vacant). Then there are electronic boards that tell you how many open spots there are in each section. ITS LIKE A VIDEO GAME.

How fast can you spot the green light, and race there before another car reaches it?

We had TOO much fun. Seriously though, this should be instituted into every parking garage across the nation.
We made our way through BR, J.Crew & finally over to Gap. Where they happened to be having a FANTASTIC sale. I purchased this $80 dress for less than $20. STEAL. As we were waiting in line to check out, I turned to mom lark & said "you know what would make this dress even cuter? a coral colored cardigan." her response "I'll hold our place in line, go take a look at the rounder in the front of the store.." that SLY woman! she ONCE AGAIN got me spendin' more money! I couldn't help myself, exactly what I wanted, a coral colored cardigan on sale for ELEVEN DOLLARS. what!? these are things I just CANNOT pass up, regardless of how much I am trying to kick my addiction.

It kept getting BETTER. We drove over near UCLA to find a shop some friend's had told her about. Its called Diddy Reise. WHAT a discovery!
First: You pick two delicious hot fresh out of the oven cookies from a list of about 10 different flavors.
My choice: classic chocolate chip.
Second:Your choice of one flavor of soft, melt in your mouth ice cream.
My choice: Java chip.
they smash them together into a customized ice cream sandwich. Best part?

holy freaking crap.

Mom lark turned to the guy & was like "UM, THIS IN INCREDIBLE! YOU NEED TO RAISE YOUR PRICES!" true story. thank goodness there isn't one closer to home, I know where I would be every day for lunch.
We parked next to an Urban Outfitters. Needless to say... we did a bit more shopping.
What do you think!? Greatest day ever!?


P.S. for those of you who know Mom & Dad Lark:

On our way to sixflags we stopped & had a quick tour of Burbank, seeing as both mom & dad lark grew up there. below is mom lark's childhood home, she also took us around the 'hood & showed us all of the best makeout spots. & then! as we're driving up to Diddy Riese, mom lark turns to mims & I & says "you are going to LOVE this! guess what that theater is in front of us!?" APPARENTLY, we just HAPPENED to run into the same theater that dad lark took her to on their first date! hahaha they saw love story & it was "incredible." Loved this walk down memory lane. If I end up with a 36+ year marriage as crazy awesome as theirs I will be SET.
we were text messaging pictures of all the spots to dad lark as we went, he had THE FUNNIEST responses to each of them! knowing him, I sure you can imagine.


Ann Mitchell said...

I'll bet David was happy to see you!

Anonymous said...

I don't say "freakin"...I say "flippin!"... Just like shut it, not shut up!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

Chere said...

WOW!How is this your life?! The stars have been lined up for you for a very long time! Must be your mother's influence! xoxoxo

Kristin said...

Wow! How awesome is that . . . just had to come over and read all about it :)


Madi Rose said...

CHELS. Theres a cookie shop like that in Utah! And I work there. When you come back to your real home, come visit me and I will give you warm cookies with ice cream. :)