The best chapter of my life thus far.

... finally came to a close.

In addition to saying goodbye to the greatest little things that ever did happen
I checked a few things off my list before getting in the car &
crying (literally) my way home to Utah County.
*side note, hope walked for the first time over the weekend! & she took a few steps for me when I came to said goodbye! I was thrilled!

ate one last sprinkles cupcake. thanks to brad & kristy, the greatest bosses ever.
hit up a california favorite, rubys. (thank you kellie pie hi)
snuck into a bar by washing off the x's on my hands... but then got kicked out anyways because we weren't drinking any alcohol... aka spending money. hahah derby piano bar.. TOO much fun.
fed a squirrel some pasta on the beach, with kunicki.
danced our butts off at the angles game / tiao cruz concert (we got on the jumbo-tron for times... WHAT!?)
indulged in the most delicious peach pie that ever was. made by my very own southern bell, georgia local, kellie pie hi. men, she is single & can whip out the greatest pie ever in no time flat... don't even get me started on her carmel corn...
fulfilled my week long dream of doing whatever it took to go on both new rides at DL. 2.5 hour wait for star tours... TOTALLY worth it. not to mention Ariel's Undersea Adventure.. yes.
one last corn roast with the SC5 gang. love them TOO much.

furthermore I also :
had a most enjoyable dinner with mom & dad lark.
cheesecake with corbs.
farewell pastrami sandwiches THANK YOU LINDA - SO good.
T.V. night with the girls - we crack our selves up - according to Mimi babies just recently started coming out with hair on their heads.
& played 243064 matches of hanging with friends.

has it really been less than 48 hours? it feels like an eternity.


Katie Webber said...

:( I'm sorry! TRANSITIONS SUCK! but it comes with the age. I hope boring ptown treats you well. Love you!

Erika Rae said...

Even though you miss CA, we're gonna have a blast this summer! THEN you can go back to calif. (: