As the week continues...

Soundtrack: Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

The week is only getting better.

Yesterday consisted of work, shopping (I'm telling you, Gap is having an incredible sale, I couldn't leave without another dress, it was only $11!) & yet another magical adventure.

Tonight I'm going to a party up in LA.

Greg Holden is throwing a release party for his recent album I Don't Believe You.
The night is bound to be unforgettable.

& then, to finish off the best week ever, Rick Hartley informed Mimi yesterday that he has scored me a SECOND ROW ticket to the Angels/Yankees game on Saturday. INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait to watch Mr. Cano smack one 'outta the park! GO YANKS!

Photos to follow!

P.S. Currently listening to Coldplay's new single. I've always been a hardcore Coldplay fan, & the realeasing of their new album can only mean two things! 1. More brilliant music & 2. yet another national TOUR! The last concert was unbelievable! Better start saving up for my ticket!

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