Wanna know what happened today?

Both children were sleeping, basically all day long. This is great news for someone who has a 7 page paper due this week right? Well, then there is me, who can't seem to grasp the whole college thing, as strange as it seems. Instead I finished up the TV mini-series about these guys,

in case you haven't caught from previous posts, I'm obsessed with the 60's. Mostly 60's fashion & what better what to get my fashion fix than with Katie Holmes playing the lovely Mrs. Kennedy? Anyways, I finished the series, I don't know if it's even been released on TV yet, its GOOD. So watch it, especially if you like learning about history through a particularly entertaining approach.

& then I got stuck watching footage like this, because of Nick. Incredibly mesmerizing.

I drove 40 miles to school.
Class was cancelled.
(waste of gas, yay!)
so I drove home.. perfect opportunity to write my paper right!?

You guessed it (probably not really), I spent the next 5 hours online shopping. This is something I tend to do when I should be

a.) studying
b.) writing an essay
c.) paying attention in class

Wanna know what I bought!?
FOR $50 bucks!! Dontcha love some $160 dolla glasses for pocket change?

Oh AND a brand spank'n new LENS! I've been scoping it out for a while now, and I'm finally ready to make that large purchase, something new to put in my camera bag. I think I deserve it. Seeing as I did 245346 shoots last weekend. What else? OHHHHHH just some $100 reflectors for $17 on AMAZON PRIME. It seriously is my best friend. Free shipp'n & all.

Wanna know the best part?
I just finished writing my paper!
Granted it IS 1:20 a.m.
but its d-o-n-e.
this is a big deal for me, cuz its not due till wednesday!

but you see... I don't have work tomrrow... so I'm treating myself to some of
Even if I have to go alone. AND THEN! Possibly heading down to a Meiko/KT Tunstall concert in San Diego, nothing like a little House of Blues to brighten your week.

Paper done. I feel great. Not to mention Linda's making PANCAKES in the morning.
The end!

p.s. I still owe you a story from TWO weeks ago. I've been sucking at blogging. Almost as much as a suck at college.

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Ann Mitchell said...

It was great growing up in the '60s!