The week ended.

Soundtrack: Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry (creepy music video, she steals boys buttons!)

The weekend went like this:

Thursday evening a big group three of us (due to BAILERS.) went to Pirates at midnight! YAY! Made me reminisce on making T-shirts & going with 50,000 people in 9th grade for the 3rd movie. Those were some GOOD times.

babes right? ... as in litteral babies. such young'ns.

Don't worry, I still look & act like a child.

Cut us some slack for lacking beauty after midnight.
Don't worry, we didn't have any trouble staying awake on this SUGAR RUSH.

Friday, hit up birthday partayyyy's for three lovely girls.
I brought Beth some flowers, totally made 'em look all cute & wrapped up last minute when I found stuff in my trunk on the way over! Who knew I had loads of fabric and a tool box with SCISSORS back there!? Genius I tell you.

& then, yesterday.
Mims & I decided that if the world was ending, we'd need some new clothes to wear to heaven, so we went shopping. The biggest reason for driving up to Irvine was to visit nordstrom's rack & buy me yet ANOTHER new pair of jeans, due to my fatness & all the ripping involved.

Butttttt... it turned into shoe shopping. First I couldn't decide between

a) khaki green b) metallic bronze c) cream canvas

Then I decided none of the above.
Because the whole point is that I REALLY want brown leather top-siders.
I was trying to explain what I wanted to Mims & as we were passing the men's shoes I was like

"oh yeah like this!" and I picked up some brown leather ones... that were my size. It was kind of hilarious how they just appeared. We then realized that the men's department has BILLIONS of sperrys. We spent a good half hour looking at them all.

And then I walked out of the store with THESE.
Cream suede. With nearly instant buyers remorse. Because I feel like I'm going to get them SO dirty SO fast. So now I don't know whether to keep them or not. BUT I've been looking for some shoes to wear with my newish anthro dress &these work perfectly! SO in order to help me decide wether to keep them or not, we went down to the pier & took a couple photos.

So decide for me. Do I keep the suede ones that I'm gonna kill? Or do I spend a little more money, buy some brown leather ones that will probably last longer?

Moving on.

Oh, before the photoshoot we ran over to Anthropolgie (no shopping trip complete without a looksy!)... can you say SALE!? biggggg sale. so hurry people. get up there. (I actually don't know if its actually still going after this weekend)

We had to make a quick stop at Pedro's for Tacos & Dr. Pepper of course.


& finalllllly, we met up with the SC5 gang & went ice blocking after dark @ salt creek. TOTALLY fun, I literally landed on top of my head and killed my finger. It is bleeding & all purple. Totally worth it... maybe.
It's okay though, we went to Harbor House after & enjoyed a famous oreo milkshake, all is well.


Jan Fisher Clark said...

you are so cool. and because you are so cool I think you should keep the suede ones (because they *ADORABLE* with that dress) and go ahead and get the brown ones too. There, I gave you go on young padawan and treat yourself! :)

Love you.

Katie Webber said...

keep the shoes. you are a vision in beige suede, especially with the dress. ps. where on earth do you get all your money? I work all the time and have NO spending money. if it's weed, you don't have to tell me ;)