this'll make you wanna kid.

First off.. I STILL have to blog about last Friday & ALL of its greatness. I've just been so lazy.

In the meantime...

I'm like baby-crazy. I wanna baby.
(seriously though, so many reasons why I want a baby,
I just keep coming up with more & more)
Stop freaking out.
I want a husband first.
& I dont want him for at LEAST 2 more years.

When I have a child. I will do this.
Ing teared up when she saw this... as did I. bahah

to top it all off my favorite of ing's songs... sort of is the soundtrack. holla!


google for president.

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Paige said...

How did you know I would cry? I'm a baby. But seriously! that is absolutely darling. I'm still teary. Love you chels. So much.