This is GREAT.

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This is the excited expression that has overcome my face as I type out this story:

If you haven't seen THIS post about my good-deed going punished,
do so before you continue on.

May 18th finally came. After waiting weeks for my court date to finally appear, it has come & gone. This morning's charade with something like this...
Woke Up. EARLY.
Made it to the San Diego (what!? SD!? 1.5 hours away!?) Court House by 8:15.
God blessed me with the only empty parking space near my destination.
I waited in a very long security line.
I found a seat in the court room next to some guy with a VERY hot lawyer.
Thankfully, some saint of a man whispered to me down the row "make sure you give them your paperwork, or you'll be here forever!" - Obviously I know nothing about this stuff.
I waited... an hour & a half. (not too bad)
Finally it was my turn.
The judge wasn't there today, so they had a bunch of defense attorneys trying to settle the cases so that we didn't have to come back in a month.
I gave my lawyer my schpeal. Went something like:
"I was doing a marine a favor... blah blah blah... taking him to church... blah blah... had never been on base before... I totally forgot... blah blah..."
*smiled & batted by eyes*
He said "well that is actually a pretty good story!"
He then went & talked to some other guy, they agreed, got the paper work & then had me sign something.
This something said that...
BOTH offenses were dismissed & that they would be completely wiped clean (like it never even happened) on 11/11/11 *LUCKY! as long as I do not get any other tickets between now & then for the exact same charges... in the state of california.

As in not only do I not have to pay $400... I don't have to pay a penny.

Cuz I'm moving in a month AND I never drive without my license & I always use my bluetooth when talking on the phone... EXCEPT when picking up marines (what the heck).


great story right? thoughts?


Bethany said...

freaking rad. good thing the judge wasn't there. I think they have a tendency to be a little more harsh with the law than just some attorney. trust me, I see it every freaking day.

and god blessed you for driving a marine to church. you rock. good soul. i love you. and am happy you got out of your tickets.

Paige said...

Brilliant!! I love that story... both posts. That is hilarious and funny and i'm proud of you for sweet talking the lawyer. you're kids will love to hear this story. nay ... your grandchildren will love to hear it... they'll be like "what's a cell phone?"

Katie Webber said...

Ah! love it! That is the best story. God blessed you, sugar!