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I survived. Writing a final paper fo the most ridiculous prompt. Just ask my mother, my English professor definitely should not have a job at OCC, let alone a teaching degree. This week seemed impossible & I made it through. I definitely enjoyed my day at work, I am trying to appreciate every last second that I have left here in California. Today, I took photos of G playing with his trains, because I realized I will miss what seems to be just a normal not-so-special occurrence (seeing that it is what's going on in the Jensen household 87% of the time).

I'll post the rest of them on my photography blog eventually (: Best job ever right?

Then G fell asleep and was snoring SO loud. I love when he does that. Its hilarious! To keep myself occupied, I watched Dear Genevieve, like I do every Tuesday & Thursday. Genevieve Gorder is my hero. Seriously though. She is hilarious & the most talented interior designer to ever hit the face of the planet. She was even my favorite clear back when I was a small child watching Trading Spaces every Saturday night with my parents after they came home from their date night. Her show never gets old. Really though, even the re-runs! I'm totally hooked. If you ever get the chance, tune in to HGTV and check out her show. It makes me so happy. I just sit there beaming, smile from ear to ear as I watch all 60 minutes of its greatness. My dream is to 1. meet her. 2. have her help me design my ENTIRE future home.

Moving on from my obsession, Tonight is my last Art History lecture. Must say, although it can be the longest three hours of my life. I have definitely enjoyed it. My iPhone has gotten me through it, will instant entertainment just when I think I'm gonna go crazy. But between my professors Greek background & accent, as well has uncanny humor, I have loved almost everything she has had to say about.. just about everything.

Following class I am going to yet another midnight preview for Pirates of the Caribbean! However, much to my dismay, I was fresh out of creative juices & couldn't come up with a single phrase to put on a T-shirt. Sorry to those of you that would've wished to order one. Booooooo right?

Regardless, I'm totally stoked, even though I wont even get home from class until 10 pm & am currently running on basically zero sleep from the past week.

Oh, by the way, my online shopping FRENZY has continued. Here I was on Urban's website, I have been eyeing this vintage Manhattan Island poster for sometime. However, its 25.00 ... plus shipping, something I can't bring myself to pay for. You know me... I did a little research.. found it somewhere ELSE! It was only 4.99. Free shipping. Just saved myself twenty bucks thank you very much. Just another item to complete my summer apartment.

Great right?

P.S. the Grey's Anatomy season finale is tonight... I'm missing it, due to class. I will have to watch it tomorrow. EVEN if it is awful and unhappy & a terrible cliff hanging ending.

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