Soundtrack: The Voice (that new TV show, I'm not one for Am Idol, but I love this!)

So, I was on my tumblr dashboard (no I do not tumblr, so don't try & find me, haha) via my phone, as I'm scrolling down, I suddenly run across this photo:

I kid you not, I GASPED (not like an exaggerated gasp, it was more like a this picture literally took my breath away... mims is a witness)
Those eyes, that scruff, the hair & top it all off with a slight smile.


But then! It wasn't over! TWO more followed!

I have no words for that.

Cherry on top, mr. sexy in a slim cut suit & knit skinny tie. You know I love a man with some style, ahhhh yeah. Not to mention... that hair.

Needless to say, Ms. Taylor Morgan Goff, continue to Tumblr, would ya!? Thank you for taking my breath away.

For all you ladies, to sweeten your sunday night. Hope you enjoyed, I know I did.


taylor morgan said...

hahahah oh how i was hoping you would die... i pretty much needed him to give me mouth to mouth when i saw those pictures.

Erika Rae said...

I wish I could repost the reaction I had last night when I saw these pictures. All i know, is that I was SO happy to wake up to these pictures on my phone. I could get used to McDreamy staring back at me in the mornings.

And yes, I wasn't kiddding when I said that I literally gasped too when I saw this.