RIP Thadius & Theodore.

Remember these souls? Our adorable miniature baby turtles?


Yesterday, Mimi & I are getting ready to go to a bonfire @ the beach. I asked her where the turtles were, because they hadn't been in our bathroom (between our sinks, in their bowl, their normal location) for quite some time & I thought that they were dead & that she didn't want to tell me where they were. But she did. They were in the loft, on the top shelf of the entertainment center. I ran out there to greet them. There they were. Sleeping, so peacefully - I tapped on the glass to wake them ... no response ... "mimi..." tap tap tap ... "MIMI..." tap tap TAP TAP TAP ... "MIMI!!!" there they were. In their shells, not budging, no tiny movement of their belly's rising and falling signifying actual breathing, NOTHING.

DEAD. Two dead baby turtles.

We began to cry & immediately started to plan their funeral.
"We can't bury them in the back yard, lucy (the dog) will eat them!"
"The hills are out, the coyotes with get them!"

I tried to explain to mimi that wherever we put them, eventually they'd probably be someone's dinner. But the best we came up with was take them to the bonfire & release them into the ocean. We immediately started looking for a casket. After arguing back & forth for some time over what would be best for the ocean, we decided, we would only transport them in a small cardboard box & let the ocean water sweep them out of it.

Mimi brought the box over to the table in the loft. She then went over to the top shelf & lifted the bowl down to bring it over, sloshing the water around a bit. The turtles suddenly started swimming frantically. GREAT right? After planning their funeral, about to put them into their casket... turns out their still living.

Here's to more life with Thadius & Theodore.

Cuz I'm pretty sure they're barely hanging on to dear life.

This is how the bonfire turned out instead:

Mom Lark & I trying not to burst into flames as we roast our mallows.

Corb is the local ladies man.
Beth & I ... practically an engagement picture in the sand.
This is right before we practically got kicked out of the 7/11 parking lot.
Slurpees & Fritos will do that do ya.

End of story.

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