Let's not think about it anymore.

Soundtrack: Lenka - Roll with the Punches

Today, I had a miniature anxiety attack... all afternoon.
You know the kind that lasts for hours & your eyes are kinda stingy?
And then it happens, you just cry for a bit.

I had to wake up at 5:00 a.m. & go to work. Normally this would bother me.. a lot. But it just so happens that I LOVE going to work.

So G & H's mom came home & said something like "You leave in a month! We need to find someone to replace you!" - and thats when it all kind of started.

I couldn't really concentrate on school after that. And the fact that there was a brand-spankin-new lens waiting for me on the front porch at home didn't really help either.

I CAN'T HELP MYSELF! I'm in love with these children.
What kind of three-year old apologizes most sincerely when he merely bumps into you? In that adorable, heart melting three-year old voice? Then there is baby sister, who is the happiest baby... ever. I love these children. Truly. The thought of leaving them brings me to tears, literally. What am I gonna do without 'em? Get ready for some serious withdrawals come June.

So then, I was able to accept my fate, of leaving them.
I got home, and opened up my new glass!

Mims said, "okay.. fineeeeeeeeeee, I'll let you shoot me."

Isn't she GORGEOUS?
See more HERE.

& then. WE came home to a box of the most delectable chocolate covered strawberries & ate them too. "THOSE STRAWBERRIES ARE AS BIG AS YOUR FACE!" - mimi
Silly faces, I know it. I'm no model. We'll save that stuff for Mims.

That's how today went.

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